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Nowa Zelandia

NEW ZEALAND (Aotearoa)

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: group of islands on southwestern Pacific Ocean

AREA: 268,838 square km

POPULATION: about 4.4 million

POLITICAL DIVISION: 16 regions and 1 territory

CAPITAL: Wellington

CHIEF CITIES: Auckland, Christchurch

THE HIGHEST PEAK: Aoraki-Mount Cook (3724 m.)

CHIEF RIVERS: Waikato, Rangitaiki, Wanganui

CHIEF LAKES: Taupo, Tekapo, Pukaki, Hawea, Wanata

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: English & Maori, sign language

CURRENCY: New Zealand dollar

FAMOUS PEOPLE: Sir Edmund Hillary, Ernest Rutherford, Lucy Lawless, Ivan Mauger, Sam Neill, Peter Jackson, Russell Crowe

TYPICAL FAUNA: sheep, kiwi, Moa (extinct)

NATIONAL SYMBOLS: Southern Cross constellation, kiwi, silver fern / colours: black, white, red (ochre)